The Mission of ACES

We are dedicated to supporting spouses with an outlet to interact, help, communicate, and grow with each other; while also providing volunteerism and philanthropy with the intent of enhancing the community of Aviano AB. We are spouses helping spouses.

How We Help the Community

As a philanthropic club, ACES is committed to giving back to our community both on and off base. In our 2014-2015 year, we raised over $4,800 during our 9th annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk which was donated to the local Centro di Riferiemento Onocologica, the CRO in Aviano, Italy and to Edith Sandford for breast cancer research and treatment. We support spouses and high school students in their pursuits for higher education, offering $7,500 each year in Spouses Scholarships and $4,000 each year to high school seniors. In 2012, 2013, and 2014 ACES also awarded scholarships to travel to Edelweiss Resort and Lodge in Garmisch Germany to attend AWAG (Americans Working Around the Globe), a leadership conference supporting volunteers around Europe and the military.

Every month ACES accepts funds requests from various organizations to help with their costs in operations and community support. School organizations such as the Aviano Sea Dragons, Robotics Clubs and STEM club receive funds to support trips to competitions and other endeavors as far as Germany and Missouri in the United States. Some of the other organizations and events ACES has sponsored through funds requests and manpower support include: Quarterly Base Wide Spouse-It-Up events, volunteer award recipients, Aviano Christmas Cookie Drive, the Bazaars, the PTA, Girl Scouts, Air Force Ball, Breast Feeding Support Group, School Dances, American Red Cross, Knights of Heroes, the SARC program, Kuk Sool Won, the Aviano’s Parent Co-Op and more.

Because of our amazing membership and because of their generous commitment of time, support, and inspiration our organization was able to accomplish amazing things:


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